Lazesoft Disk Image and Clone Unlimited Edition 4.3.1


Lazesoft Disk Image & Clone Unlimited Edition 可用于备份,硬盘升级或磁盘复制的目的。

Lazesoft Disk Image & Clone 克隆/拷贝整个磁盘,包括Windows的程序,文件和个人设置在几个点击到一个新的磁盘/分区。永远不需要重新安装 Windows 和程序。

安全地备份您的系统,Lazesoft Disk Image & Clone可以备份整个系统或磁盘映像文件。

Lazesoft Disk Image and Clone Unlimited Edition 4.3.1-西柚乐

Lazesoft Disk Image and Clone Unlimited Edition 4.x | 157 MB

Disk Backup and Clone solutions including disk/partition imaging, cloning, wiping, partition creating, formating and more. Bootable CD to clone your entire hard disk, backup or restore your hard disk on offline easy and safely. Lazesoft Disk Image & Clone may be used for backups, hard disk upgrades or disk duplication purposes. Your hard disk is full, you need to upgrade to a new hard disk? You think you are facing a large re-installation project which is likely to take several days of tedious work. With Lazesoft Disk Image & Clone, Clone/copy entire disk including Windows, programs, files and personal settings to a new disk/partition in several clicks. Never need to reinstall Windows and programs.

Need to backup your System safely?

With Lazesoft Disk Image & Clone, your can backup your entire system or disk to image files safely on offline, or clone your entire disk to another for backup.

Fast, easily, natively create PE Recovery Disk on Windows Vista, 7, 8, 2008

Upgrade, Clone disk/Partition.
– Clone an old hard disk drive to a new large one.
– copy system partition to a new SSD drive.
– Easy to use wizard-driven interface.
– Partitions can be copy either with original sizes and locations, or Resizes transferred partitions to match new hard disk size.
– Clone with fast mode (Only copy used blocks) or complete mode (sector by sector copy).
– Support any types of hard disks like SATA, IDE, SSD, USB.
– Support FAT, FAT32, NTFS file systems.
– Includes special sector-by-sector support for other partitions and corrupted file systems.
– When partitions are copied an original hard disk remains unchanged.

Backup and Restore
– Create Backup Disk Image (occupied clusters only)
– Create Raw Disk Image (sector by sector copy)
– Image files compression
– Supports FAT16, FAT32, NTFS file systems
– Other partitions and corrupted file systems can be backup with sector-by-sector.
– Auto splitting into 4GB size chunks for FAT32 destination partition.

Partition Management
– Creates FAT, FAT32, NTFS partitions.
– deletes any types of partitions.
– Format FAT, FAT32, NTFS partitions.
– Hide/unhide partition.
– Set active partition.

Wipe Disk or Partition
– Securely wipe entire disk.
– Wipe multiple partitions even if system partition.
– Has quick mode and deep mode.
– Wipe any types of partitions.
– Support GPT, MBR and Dynamic volumes.

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