同步备份工具 SyncBack Pro v9.0.8.15


SyncBackPro是一个先进的文件备份及同步程序。 它可用于在硬盘、 可重写光盘(含蓝光碟)、 云备份服务器(支持亚马逊 S3、 微软 Azure)、 U盘和闪存卡、 FTP及安全FTP服务器、 ZIP压缩文件(支持 Zip64 压缩及 256 位 AES 加密)、 电子邮件服务器和网络共享文件夹之间同步文件。 程序使用简单,但为高级用户提供大量配置选项, 甚至可在同步过程中执行脚本程序。 SyncBackPro 是屡获殊荣的同步程序——SyncBackSE 的增强版本。

SyncBackSE 是一款简单易用的文件备份,恢复和同步工具,可以在本地磁盘,网络磁盘,ftp服务器,ZIP压缩包或者可移动存储设备中使用。全球有数十万的用户每天使用本软件备份自己的数据。

SyncBackSE 是一款简单易用的文件备份,恢复和同步工具,可以在本地磁盘,网络磁盘,ftp服务器,ZIP压缩包或者可移动存储设备中使用。全球有数十万的用户每天使用本软件备份自己的数据。

SyncBackPro 支持备份、同步、镜像三种模式。


支持Amazon S3,Google Storage和Microsoft Azure。
你可以通过云存储服务同步备份你的文件。Amazon S3可以提供一个简单的Web服务接口,任何时候从任何地点,只要在网络上就能用来存储检索任意数量的数据。Google Storage是在Google的基础设施上架设的数据存储访问服务。此服务结合了谷歌云技术的先进安全共享功能。Azure是微软的云解决方案,可以提供类似于Amazon S3的功能。

通过两种方式,用户可以访问其电子邮件。POP3(Post Office Protocol 3)为邮件传递到你的计算机邮箱中,然后由用户负责其标准。IMAP(Interactive Mail Access Protocol)是一种新方法。IMAP将邮件传递到服务器中,然后由用户连接服务器进行邮件访问。邮件不存储在你的机器上。当邮件被标注只读,所有修改都在服务器上完成。

现在可使用集成的SyncBackPro进行管理检测。SBM Console(测试中)采用SyncBackPro和SyncBack管理服务。这三个应用共同作用,对整个网络进行同步备份管理。


* New: Completely new modern and clean user interface with an optional dark mode. All the graphics have been changed. Care has been taken to simplify and modernize the interface but keeping it familiar to users of older versions.
* New: Per-monitor DPI scaling, so windows are scaled depending on the monitor they are on
* New: The default font is now larger, and the same font as used in Windows 10 (Segoe UI 10 point)
* New: The log file has been modernized and improved to make it clearer. The HTML log file now includes embedded graphics. More summary detail also provided. It also now shows the total time a profile was paused.
* New: In the Tree Explorer window, you can now include/exclude files/folders without needing to first expand the folder In the Tree Explorer window, you can now include/exclude files/folders and apply to all sub-folders
* New: The File & Folder Selection window, Differences window and File Prompt window now shows the source on the left when the profile is a backup/mirror from FTP, cloud, etc. to a local drive
* New: New simplified Restore wizard. Includes option not to move files on restore and other options.
* New: In the main window you can filter based on the profile name
* New: In File & Folder selections, you can export and import the selections
* New: When profiles finish, SyncBack can now automatically exit, reboot or logout instead of just shutting down
* New: The File & Folder selections window now has last modified column
* New: Non-critical errors have been removed and are now warnings
* New: You can now list all the shared settings, which profiles are using them (if any) and delete the unused ones
* New: You can now skip a SyncBack new version. For example, if you are on v9.0 and v9.1 is available then you can ignore the new version. If a version is ignored, you will not be prompted again until a newer version, e.g. V9.2, is available. However, if you do a manual update check then it will always tell you a newer version is available.
* New (SE/Pro): Delta-copy versioning when copying files from one file system to another. Only the changes between files are stored, which greatly reduces disk space for large files such as virtual machines, databases, etc.
* New (Pro): OVH cloud support added
* New (Pro): hubiC cloud support added
* New (Pro): WebDAV support added
* New (Pro): Egnyte support added
* New (Pro): Supports restoring files archived in Azure
* New (Pro): S3 Storage Class and new Azure Blob Tier. Previously could only set S3 Storage class, but now can do it with Azure.
* New (Pro): Supports One Zone-Infrequent Access and Intelligent Tiering storage classes on Amazon S3
* New (Pro): Can now use Service Account Private Key files with Google Storage
* New (SE/Pro): Can use Bing speech, so native language speech supported
* New (SE/Pro): Two new FTP/FTPS engines and one new SFTP engine added for improved FTP server compatibility
* New (SE/Pro): Supports new faster scanning method in CompleteFTP (requires V12.1.0 or newer)
* New (SE/Pro): FTP support improved (MFF, RMDA and AVBL supported). Tested again with FTP servers to improve performance and compatibility.
* New (SE/Pro): FTP time zone setting improved (if you use ! as first character then it overrides what the FTP server reports, e.g. !-480)
* New (SE/Pro): Can restore from multi-zip files copied from an FTP server to a local drive
* New (SE/Pro): Delta-copy (over the network) upload and download to SyncBack Touch (Windows only)
* New (SE/Pro): Can shutdown remote Touch server (Android only, must be V1.3.11 or newer of Touch)
* New (SE/Pro): Better user feedback when searching for SyncBack Touch devices
* New (SE/Pro): A new Android, SyncBack Monitor, application which you can use to stop, start, pause and resume profiles running on your computer (on the same local network)
* New (SE/Pro): Parallel file multi-zip (when copying to or from internal/external drive, network share, etc.)
* New (SE/Pro): Parallel local file deletes (internal/external drive, network share, etc.)
* New (Pro): Parallel cloud file uploads and downloads: S3, Azure, Egnyte, Backblaze B2, Rackspace/OpenStack and Google Storage (if using private key)
* New (SE/Pro): Profile backups are now much faster
* New: In a profile schedule you can now view/set run time limit
* New: In a profile schedule you can now decide what to do if scheduled task is already running
* New: When creating new schedules, the default is not to run the schedule again if it is already running. In V8 it would run it in parallel, which can cause issues as the same profile cannot be run in parallel.
* New (SE/Pro): Files the user does not have read access rights to can now be copied to the cloud, FTP, FTPS, SFTP, Touch and MTP. Also, files copied from the cloud can replace local files the user does not have write access rights to.
* New (Pro): SMART checks also check the drive health. Extra detailed information about the drive is logged.
* New (SE/Pro): Option to skip temporary files (enabled by default)
* New (SE/Pro): Can choose to version deleted and replaced files, only replaced files or only deleted files
* New: Now works with Sandboxie
* Updated (Pro): Uses new Azure REST API, so can upload larger files (4.75 TB)
* Updated (Pro): Dropbox API updated
* Updated (Pro): Backblaze B2 API updated
* Updated: The Zip option “Try and compress files that are being used” has been replaced by the Copy/Delete option “When copying files, stop other processes from modifying them during the copy”. This is TRUE by default. It applies to any local copy, i.e. Zip, Cloud, MTP and Touch.
* Updated (Pro): When using SecureZip, can add files with filename lengths over 260 characters. The maximum filename length of the Zip file itself is still limited to 260 characters.
* Updated: When a profile is queued, the visual group it is in (if it is in one) is now used. This helps with profile variables, for example

官网 https://www.2brightsparks.com/


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